Turok and Turok 2 Are Coming to Nintendo Switch

We’ve just had the confirmation that Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil will soon come to Nintendo Switch. It seems that the original title will launch on the 18th of March for $19.99. We don’t have any details about the release date for Turok 2 yet.

Turok is coming to Switch this month

Nightdive’s remastered version of Turok has just appeared on Nintendo’s website. Thanks to this recent post, we know that the game will be released on March 18. However, we don’t know if the remastered version of Turok 2 will also be ported to the Switch. Still, we believe that it only makes sense for Turok 2: Seeds of Evil to follow the other one as well.

The original version of this first-shooter video game was released for the N64 shortly after the console debuted. The first title of the series was launched back in 1997 and the second one in 1998.

In 2015, the HD remasters of both games were already released for computers. In 2018, the Xbox One versions of those remasters were released as well. Nightdive Studios, the developer of the Turok and Turok 2, has mentioned before that it would be great to also release the games on the Nintendo Switch at some point, but we haven’t had any confirmation on that until the present time.

What to expect from the upcoming remastered games

As far as the remastered version of Turok for Nintendo Switch is concerned, we expect for it to include several dinosaur enemies, such as gun-mounted triceratops, raptors, a T-Rex and maybe even some Alien Infantry. Players will be able to use 14 different weapons in order to fight against these enemies. We definitely cannot wait to see how the remastered version of Turok for Switch will be like.

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