Supercell’s Brawl Stars Dev Team Q&A on Reddit Today

Yesterday we talked about the latest version of Brawl Stars which went live and introduced some improvements and bug fixes to the game.

Today, the dev team at Brawl Stars represented by the Team Leader Frank, and the two Community Managers Ryan and Dani dedicate their workday to Brawl Stars players that have questions about the game. If you have a question or want to follow everything the devs at Supercell respond to, take a look at the Reddit link provided in the tweet below from Brawl Stars.

We handpicked a few important questions and answers from the users on Brawl Stars updates, new Brawlers and matchmaking.

New Brawlers, the Shop, Rewards, Bugs and Solo Showdown

One player was wondering why life leech was removed, and Ryan replied:

Life Leech was removed primarily because it ‘breaks’ the core mechanics of the game.

Ryan added that early players could unlock the game mode and are confused when their health ‘inexplicably’ starts dropping.

Will the reward system and shop be reworked? Ryan answered:

We will be sprucing up the Shop at some point in the future, but it’s a bigger task and will take some time.

The teaming in Showdown got a massive answer from Ryan and we’ll have to provide the tl;dr version:

Question from user SamirMishra27:

The Teaming in Solo Showdown is getting worse And worse In my opinion, despite you guys Year ago saying that you are fine with teaming, what’s your Take on this?

Ryan explains that fixing teaming in Showdown is very difficult and they have no idea how to improve it yet, adding that they have thought of the following solutions, explaining why they’re good or not.

They could ban the teamers, but it’s not a great solution. They could offer trophies for kills, but this means that the mode’s strategy will be changed. The last solution would be to delete the mode entirely, but it’s too popular. Ultimately, Ryan asks the players for ideas:

If you have ideas for how to reduce teaming in high-level Showdown gameplay we are all ears! Let us know your ideas because this is an issue we really do want to tackle if we can.

One of the Brawl Stars moderators, LachNessMeownster chipped in with a question:

 Now that we are global, how often are you guys hoping to pump out new brawlers?


  • December/January: Leon
  • February: Gene
  • March: Carl
  • April: … ?

New Brawlers keep the game fresh and exciting. We are quite happy with the current cadence – but I wouldn’t go so far to say it’s a “rule” that we will have new Brawlers every month. […]

TL;DR: In 2019 you can expect quite a few new Brawlers.

Also, great news from Frank! The Gene bug made the dev team work on a new kind of deactivation:

We identified and fixed the issue, we are now also in a position to disable a Brawler while they are still available in the Shop and in Boxes, just in case something else goes wrong. 😉

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