Pokémon Sword and Shield – New Rumors

We’ve seen a lot of rumors about Pokémon Sword and Shield circulating on the internet lately, with the latest one referring to the Galar region, which fans believe that it will be accompanied by the Kalos region. But will the upcoming games have two or even more regions?

What we know so far about Pokémon Sword and Shield

Not so much is known at the moment about Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. The upcoming games will be the first main series games in Pokémon’s eighth generation.

Three new Pokémon have been announced: Scorbunny, Sobble and Grookey and we also had the opportunity to look at two minutes of footage that presented the new Galar region.

We also know that the two role-playing video games are scheduled to arrive in late 2019 and that they will be available on the Nintendo Switch.

The lack of details about upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield has given rise to various rumors

Due to the fact that we don’t know so many things about the games and because the recent footage didn’t provide us with too many details, more rumors have started to appear online. One leak, in particular, has mentioned that a new concept called armored evolution could be on its way.

Some other rumors suggested that we might see more than one region in Pokémon Sword and Shield, which means that the Kalos region would also be playable. Nevertheless, what is known for sure is that the setting of Pokémon’s eighth region is going to be the Galar region, which is most probably based on Great Britain.

Some fans also believe that there’s even a chance for all regions to be included in the upcoming games. Even though it sounds quite unlikely, this could be a possibility too. It remains to be seen.

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