Google Play Store – Top Tips and Tricks for Newbies

The Google Play Store is the most popular feature that the Android operating system has to offer and the reason behind this is quite obvious. All Android fans who have ever downloaded an app or a mobile game needed to access the Google Play Store in order to do it. With that said, today we want to help all Android fans become power Google Play Store users and we have prepared a list of top tips and tricks to help them to this.

Google Play Store – Top Tips and Tricks

#1 Check Only Relevant App Reviews

As previously mentioned, the Google Play Store is the place where all Android fans need to go to whenever they want to download a fun app or entertaining mobile game. Even though there are thousands of free apps and games, we have to admit that the best ones are the paid ones. However, this is not always the case and Android fans are advised to always check reviews before paying for a product.

Therefore, our first tip for Android fans is to how to only check relevant app reviews. This can be done by accessing an app’s Play Store page, scrolling down to the reviews and then tapping on the “Read All Reviews” option. Now, tap on the “Options” button and then toggle “Latest version only”.

#2 Favorite Developer

If you have a favorite app developer such as Supercell for example, then you should be happy to know that you can search for apps only by using the developer filter. This can be done by accessing the “pub:[developer’s name]” modifier in the filter section and the search results will only display the apps published by the developer that you like the most. This trick can also be used in order to find an app or game that you forgot what it’s called.

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