Update Brawl Stars To v.16.176: Game Mode Improvements, Bug Fixes

Supercell’s team at Brawl Stars seems to work continuously to provide new updated with content, fixes, quality of life improvements, and so on. Not surprisingly, the game has just received a new update, reaching v.16.176. What does it contain and will it bring the new Super Rare Brawler with it? Let’s check it all out below.

Brawl Stars is getting an optional update which comes with some improvements and bug fixes. Nonetheless, it is very important, as it also focuses on the new game mode. Here are the improvements and fixes you should spot in-game.

Carl’s Ammo Indicator Fixed, Siege Improvements, and More

According to the announcement on the Brawl Stars Reddit page:

  • Carl ammo indicator is now center aligned

Yes, you read that right – CARL, the Brawler which is not yet in the game. As a side note, you should see him in-game around mid-March. And rest assured, OCD people, you will get to see the ammo indicator in the center!

  • Use bigger textfield in event details popup if no event modifiers present
  • Fix to Pam super effect displaying upside down if playing on the mirrored side
  • Added missing outline to gem-grab countdown text

Siege is getting a total of three improvements and fixes:

  • Siege now shows the Siege Bot health bar in the top hud when Siege is active
  • Improvements to spectate in Siege
  • Texts fixes and Siege texts improvements

As for bug fixes, we should see less crashes in-game and the “trophy icon overlap in battle end screen” at 10+ trophies has been fixed.

Check us back for an incoming Guide for Carl, with tips and tricks and learn what game mode fits his playstyle.

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