Google Play Services 15.1.78 Beta Update Has Arrived

It’s difficult to decide which is the most important app or service that the Android operating system offers, but if we had to pick one, then it would be Google Play Services. This service plays an important role in the Android operating system and what’s interesting about it is that most Android fans have no idea what it does on their smartphones. The reason why Google Play Services is not as famous as the Google Play Store, for example, is that it’s a background app. Nonetheless, Google Play Services is making headlines today because the Android parent has just released a new update for it.

Google Play Services 15.1.78 Beta APK

If you are enlisted in Google’s Beta Program, then we have some amazing news for you. The Android parent has recently released a new update for Google Play Services which brings its build number to 15.1.78 Beta. This is a high priority download for all Android fans who enjoy the premium user experience that their smartphones offer because the update focuses on tweaking out the software of Google Play Services in order to make it more stable.

Improved Software Stability

As previously mentioned, Google Play Services is a background app. This service takes care of lots of important matters in the Android operating system such as synchronizing important data like bank accounts, contacts and passwords for example. Not only that, but Google Play Services is in charge of helping both native and third-party Android apps get new updates OTA (over the air). Moreover, the new 15.1.78 Beta APK update also introduces a handful of bug fixes that make sure Google Play Services doesn’t randomly crash.

Android Package Kit Updates

If this is the first time that you are hearing about APK (Android Package Kit) updates, then all you need to know about them is that Android users need to manually download and install them. In addition, the “Unknown Sources” option needs to be enabled for the smartphones to be compatible with APK updates.

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