Fallout 76 Players Discovered A Potential Secret Ending

The whole online wasteland in Fallout 76 roams with secrets, and the players began discovering them as they play along. One player has recently found what he calls it, a potential secret ending. So, people, not to be excited about nothing, are calling for help to make sure it is true. People need to “observe non-Prime fissure sites after they’ve been nuked.”

Now comes the fun part. How did the Reddit user ‘International_XT’ actually found it? In what context? The player decided to nuke other parts of the map because he was bored of only nuking either Fissure Prime or Whitesprings. He was curious to see the outcome, and he thinks it was not a waste of time to do so. The Overseer has also sent players a task set that ties together with their finding.

Fallout 76 Players Discovered Something Unpredicted In The Game

If you do not mind hunting for the narrative that Fallout 76 has, you might be impressed with what it has to offer. So, for the people who did not finish the game and do not enjoy getting spoilers, we will not provide the full backstory that the Reddit user went into for Fallout 76 and stands for an explanation. You can read it yourself. The ScorchBeast queen is killed in the TLDR version, but the mystery is still alive because the disagreements between Elder Maxson and Paladin Lizzy Taggerdy did not allow it to be solved.

So? What is the conclusion? The Redditor himself considers he is crazy, but “maybe there’s nothing more to discover and what we’ve seen is all there is. But hasn’t the supposed ‘end’ of the main quest always felt a bit abrupt? Didn’t you ever get the feeling that maybe there was something we were missing? Well, this could very well be it.”

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