Facebook Lite Update is Now Available

Just like the original version of the app, Facebook Lite receives new updates every other week. In fact, the latest update for Facebook Lite was released yesterday (March 5th) and it comes with lots of software improvements that enhance the app’s overall reliability and speed. The new update sports the build number and today we are going to cover everything there is to know about it.

Facebook Lite APK

As previously mentioned, the new update for Facebook Lite was released yesterday. The update is available to download for all Facebook Lite users, but there’s a catch to it. Facebook Lite’s developers have released the new update in the form of APK which means that it can only be installed on Android powered smartphones.

Not only that, but all Facebook Lite users who want to install the update will need to manually download and install it from Facebook Lite’s official APK website after they enable the “Unknown Sources” option which can be found in their smartphone’s Settings panel.

What’s New?

The reason why Facebook Lite’s developers are rolling out new updates every other week is because the app is used by millions of people and there is no room for error. Therefore, the developers want to make sure that the user experience offered by Facebook Lite is of premium level and that there aren’t any bugs which can ruin it.

With that said, the new APK update for Facebook Lite introduces a handful of bug fixes which improve the overall reliability of the app. Furthermore, the update also introduces a bunch of software tweaks which improve the speed of the user interface and its responsiveness. These bug fixes and software tweaks make the new update a high priority download for all Facebook Lite users.

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