Choosing Xbox One Over PlayStation 4 Is A Smart Decision – Here’s Why!

Many argue that Sony dominates the current console generation with its PlayStation 4, and they are right. The Nintendo Switch has also managed to reach an impressive performance, selling a record number of units since it was launched back in 2017. Despite these facts, the Xbox One S and Xbox One X are still a worthy choice for those that wish to buy a new console which will work great and offer a variety of features. Below you can find a list of five features provided by Microsoft’s consoles.

Xbox One comes with backward compatibility

That is hands-down the greatest highlight offered by the Xbox One. If the game you wish to play is on the list with compatible titles, you can put the disc in the tray and enjoy a nostalgia trip without the need to look or pray for an HD remake. There are hundreds of compatible titles which are already available and more are added each month.

Xbox Gold is better than PS Plus

While both platforms require a premium subscription if you want to enjoy games with online multiplayer Xbox Live Gold is considerably better in comparison to PlayStation Plus. Xbox Gold subscribers will receive four titles for free each month, two for the Xbox One and two Xbox 360/Original Xbox games. Since most of them are backward compatible, you get four games for the Xbox One each month in comparison to two titles offered by Sony for the PS4.

The Xbox Game Pass is a great deal

For the meager price of $10 each month, you can gain unlimited access to a substantial catalog of games, including AAA titles like Shadow of the Tomb Raider and new games are added regularly.

The Xbox One X is quite powerful

Those that wish to experience native 4K gameplay will love the Xbox One X. The system is also able to play 4K UHD Blu-Ray.

New exclusive games will come in the future for Xbox One

Even though PlayStation 4 also has its exclusives, Microsoft has bought several studios in less than a year, and most of them are already working on new titles. It is thought that many of the games will be playable only on PC and Xbox, so buying the Xbox version would automatically let gamers play the PC version, as well.

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