Sony Is Offering Refunds to PS4 Owners Who Experience Crashes with Anthem

As if it wasn’t enough that fans were not satisfied with BioWare’s most recently released game, Anthem, some new problems have emerged for those who played the game on the PlayStation 4. It appears that Anthem is currently crashing some PS4 consoles. Sony is aware of the situation that the players are facing and has started offering refunds for digital copies of Anthem that have been purchased via the PlayStation Store.

Sony is providing PS4 owners that played Anthem with refunds

According to some users on Reddit, players who are experiencing crashes on the PS4 while playing the latest game launched by BioWare can now request a refund from Sony.

What kind of crashes are users experiencing at the moment?

One user from Reddit, called forthemasters, has opened a thread on the Anthem sub-Reddit in order to talk about several problems that the game currently has when played on the PlayStation 4. The user mentioned that whenever he experiences a crash or receives an error, the game suddenly goes back to the main menu or closes all together. Apparently there have been even situations when the PS4 completely turned off.

There’s been another Redditor, who goes by the name Terry2Toke, who shared his experience with the game on the console. The user claimed that he’s gone through the same console shutdown problem. Terry2Toke also added that the way his PS4 behaves is as if its power plug was all of a sudden pulled out of the socket.

This whole new set of problems caused by Anthem made owners of PS4 quite concern about how these crashes are affecting the console, worrying that the device might be at risk of suffering damages. Both Sony and EA are aware of these new issues and hopefully a solution will be found as soon as possible.

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