GTA 6: Here Are the Latest News

The previous title of the GTA series was launched five years ago, so fans of this popular game keep wondering when will the next game make its appearance. GTA 5 was received extremely well by the fans and it brought billions of dollars to Rockstar Games. Let’s take a look at what is new about the next title of the franchise and when we should expect it.

GTA 6 locations – where will the game be set?

The next installment has been sometimes codenamed “Project Americas” and the most popular theory about its location is that it will probably be set in Vice City, which is a fictional place in GTA that corresponds to South Florida.

There have also been rumors suggesting that players might be able to travel between Vice City and South America in the game, but these are only speculations. Some fans even suggested that the game’s map might in fact cover the whole area of the United States.

Some other sources indicated that GTA 6 could also be set in London, but this might have been already dismissed by Dan Houser, one of the main writers at Rockstar Games. In an interview that he had with The Guardian, Houser stated that GTA may not be the right game for a storyline based in the UK.

GTA 6 Release Date

Since Rockstar is known for releasing a new GTA title every 4 to 5 years, fans were expecting for a new title to be unveiled in 2018. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, which only made us even more curious about the possible release date of GTA 6.

Based on all the reports that we’ve seen on the internet so far, GTA 6 is expected to arrive sometime in 2020 or 2021. Even though it sounds like a lot of time to wait, particularly for those fans that are growing more and more impatient, we are sure that the next title will be worth the waiting.

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