Black Desert Online Rolls Out For Xbox One

The South Korean MMORPG Black Desert Online became famous thanks to its astonishing visuals and excellent combat scenes. Now, finally, Black Desert Online rolls out for Xbox One.

Black Desert, designed by the South Korean Pearl Abyss studio, comes to Xbox One after two beta tests during which the game gathered more than 300,000 players. Now, the game rolled out in four editions, namely, Base Game, Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate Edition.

The Base Game will offer access to the game, without any other additions, and it will only cost $9.99. The Standard Edition ($29.99) would add the Snow Wolfdog pet and a 30-day Value Pack with increased inventory and storage slots, plus that it would offer 30% XP boost.

Black Desert Online Deluxe Edition would cost $49.99 and will contain everything from the Standard Edition plus other bonuses, while for an additional $20, you’ll get Tier 3 horse and Calpheon Chargers’ Horse Gear Set.

Finally, the Black Desert Online Ultimate Edition will cost $99.99, and it will offer everything from the Deluxe Edition plus Belle Epoque Wagon Set, Kalstein Outfit, Junaid Cat pet, permanent Horse Flute, thirty 3-type XP scrolls, and a storage maid.

Black Desert Online Rolls Out For Xbox One

With the occasion of the Black Desert Online release for Xbox One, Pearl Abyss, its developer, also shared the roadmap for the first half of 2019. Accordingly, the game would feature four new classes, new bosses, and three brand-new regions (Valencia, Mediah, and Kamasylvia).

According to the roadmap, the South Korean developers plan to release all that new content by mid-summer 2019.

Black Desert Online MMORPG is the best-looking online role-playing game, according to many of its gamers. It also comes with a unique combat system, characterized mainly by manual aiming, well-designed worlds, and massive castle sieges. With the release of Black Desert Online for Xbox One, the devs plan to add more exciting features and content to the game.

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