Facebook Lite Beta Is Available To Download With Some Stability Enhancements

Facebook remains one of the most popular social networks out there, even though Instagram, YouTube, and others gained traction lately and outperformed Facebook. When it comes to Facebook apps for mobile devices, there are two applications – the standard Facebook app and Facebook Lite. Now, Facebook Lite Beta for Android rolled out with stability enhancements.

Facebook Lite is an ideal app for low- and mid-range Android devices, but it’s also useful for users of high-end smartphones to limit mobile data consumption and enjoy the same Facebook experience with a faster and less demanding application.

With Facebook Lite, users can do almost the same things they can do on the web-based version of Facebook or with the standard Facebook App. The only difference is the interface and the fact that Facebook Lite is using less mobile data than its regular counterpart. And to offer a complete Facebook experience, Facebook Lite can also be used to chat with your friends without using Facebook Messenger, which is a significant advantage over the standard Facebook app. Nonetheless, you can pair Facebook Lite with Facebook Messenger Lite.

Facebook Lite Beta Is Available To Download With Some Stability Enhancements

Facebook Lite Beta rolled out earlier with some under the hood improvements. More specifically the new Facebook Lite Beta launched with some stability and performance improvements.

Also, the new Facebook Lite Beta came out with some bug fixes. To use this Facebook Lite Beta, you can download it as an APK file from your favorite APK repository or sign to the Beta testing program on Facebook.

Facebook Lite is an excellent option for low- and mid-range Android devices. It consumes less mobile data, and it’s less demanding than the standard Facebook App. You can use it to find friends, share, and chat with your contacts. If you want, you can also pair it with Facebook Messenger Lite.

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