Why Might Xbox Scarlett Come Out Before the PS5?

Many rumors say that all next-gen consoles should be on the market sometime next year. We’re talking about Microsoft and Sony here, and not Nintendo with their Switch – since it’s very different and isn’t part of that ‘schedule’ Microsoft and Sony had so far. While Nintendo can launch a new Switch whenever they want to, everyone is expecting to see the next-gen Xbox and next-gen PlayStation in 2020 before the winter holiday shopping spree.

Launching Trends for Sony and Microsoft

Usually, Sony would launch a console around the holiday season, but the PS5 could also launch in March 2021 if Sony wanted.

Meanwhile, Microsoft launched three consoles – one was the Xbox, which was launched at the same time as GameCube, and the Xbox One which was launched at the same time as the PS4 before the holidays. Earlier, the Xbox 360 launched before the holidays, but a year earlier than the PS3 and it had a lot of success compared to the other two because it had no competition.

Even though it would be good for Microsoft to launch an Xbox this year, it’s unlikely, considering the Xbox One X was launched nearly two years ago. Besides, third-party developers are not yet ready to launch their games for the new console. However, what it’s important to note is that Microsoft should try to launch the next-gen Xbox, or as people call it Xbox Scarlett, before the PS5, at least a few months earlier.

Why Xbox Scarlett Should Launch Earlier

Here are a few benefits from having an early 2020 launch for the next-gen Xbox, according to Pramath‘s opinion piece on Gamingbolt:

  • Your launch window is unique, and no matter how many units it sold, it cannot be compared to another console’s sale.
  • Your console will still be bought in a larger mass during the holidays.
  • Early launch means a better prep for the mass market before Holiday launch, while a new console released right before the Holidays can be buggy.
  • You get to market your console at all the events during the year to gain more popularity – think of the Super Bowl, The Game Awards, E3, and more.

Even if the PS5 will get to sell better afterward, the next-gen Xbox still has a head start, and its greatest pitch is also the game it amassed so far since it got launched. Considering we will see Microsoft at E3 and not Sony PlayStation, we might even hear something about Xbox Scarlett, if we do, then that’s a genius move.

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