Foldable iPhone Might Come Out Sooner Than Expected, An Apple Patent Suggests

Apple filed another foldable iPhone patent to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. That is another clue that Apple is looking into the possibility to release a folding smartphone in the future, and it might happen sooner than expected. However, there are other reasons, too, that give up the fact that Apple is looking forward to keeping up with the competition and roll out its own foldable iPhone sooner.

The folding part is the main topic the patent talks about. To be more precise, the foldable iPhone patent discusses how the flexible parts of a folding smartphone might be affected by cold weather. The folding system can become brittle and fragile due to severe weather. A heating method is described in the documents, which might potentially avoid the future foldable iPhone from breaking due to cold weather.

That is not the only patent that got us thinking that Apple might release its own foldable iPhone sooner than expected. There are at least three other such patents going around the Internet.

Foldable iPhone Might Come Out Sooner Than Expected

Last year in March, Apple filed a flexible battery patent. With the help of some graphite padding that would dissipate the heat that will occur when the two are combined would be integrated into the display.

One was awarded by USPTO in October to a magnetic latch so the phone would remain closed without introducing an additional physical mechanism, as Apple usually does. On February 14th, last month, Apple filed another patent that showed a way to make a future iPhone more compact by folding it. It is similar to the upcoming Motorola foldable phone, the Motorola Razr folding smartphone, the remake of the classic device the company launched more than a decade ago.

Apple might soon be driven into irrelevance as the company has begun releasing phones less and less improved in comparison with their predecessors, so a foldable iPhone might become their solution to boost the sales.

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