TubeMate 4.4.2 Prime APK: The Latest Update Brings Faster Download Speeds And Reduced Boot Time

TubeMate is one of those apps that have managed to become so popular mainly because it allows users to download online videos and many more types of media files.

Everyone knows that in official stores such as the Google Play Store you will not be able to find such apps, simply because they violate the terms and conditions of the stores.

Best features of TubeMate

TubeMate lets you enjoy videos while you’re offline, whenever you please.

This is indeed an endless supply for your favorite videos and allows you to make your very own offline video library.

Getting free music is probably the second best thing that the app provides, even if the feature is not exactly ethical. You can also download podcasts to keep yourself entertained any time you feel like it.

Of course, updates for this valuable app make users more than excited every time they’re out. Here’s the latest TubeMate update:

TubeMate 4.4.2 Prime APK

This is the latest update for this cool app and it’s available in the form of an APK. As you probably already know by now, this means that the update targets devices which are running on Android.

Unlike the OTA updates which are released by the developers, this kind of APK updates will have to be downloaded manually on your phone.

Before getting the update, you have to head over to the phone’s Settings and enable the “Unknown Sources” option.

This will allow you to download software from third parties and get the chance to enjoy some goodies which cannot be found in the official Google Play Store.

Best features of TubeMate 4.4.2 Prime APK

The latest update enhances the overall performance of the app.

More precisely, it will help you download videos much faster than before and it will also reduce the overall boot time. You’ll see that the app will boot faster after you get this latest update.

There are also a few essential bug fixes which will make sure that the app won’t crash anymore.

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