Read Dead Online: The Latest Update Did Not Make Fans Happy

Even though Red Dead Redemption 2 was a huge success, it seems that Rockstar Games didn’t quite meet fans’ expectations with Red Dead Online. The most recent update triggered a negative response from the fans, which are not happy at all with the latest changes. This is not the first time when the developers created problems in the game. When the first update was released, fans were expecting for all their complaints to be fixed. Instead, the update brought even more issues. The game was launched in November last year, so it seems that in only three months the company did a great job angering its fan base.

Players are quite angry with what happened recently

Not long after Rockstar made an announcement on Facebook about the latest update, fans already started reacting with angry comments regarding the new changes. They were complaining about the nerfed hunting abilities, grinding, as well as about the ridiculous microtransactions.

There’s a long list with complaints made by fans, but most of them are about the new daily challenges, emotes and hunting. For example, some new daily challenges are dependent on a weapon that is not part of Read Dead Online yet. Those who want to purchase emotes might pay up to $100 for them and microtransactions have a very poor set of clothing options, which cost gold bars. Not to mention the animal carcasses that have been exaggeratedly nerfed, which affected the money of players for whom hunting was the main source of income.

The company has managed to take care of the griefing players

Luckily, Rockstar was able to stop griefing players as much as it could. Now, as long as someone will be more than 150 meters away from non-griefing players, they will not be able to see them. Also, griefers will be more visible on the map because they will have a bounty placed on their heads. But even this received a bad response from some fans.

Another problem here is that fans had to wait way too long for this update to even be released. Three months of waiting to fix the problems in the game is definitely too much. Especially when you add even more.

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