Xender 4.4.2 Prime Available to Download

Xender is one of the most popular Android apps used by users for transferring various types of files between their smartphones. If you’ve ever used this application before, then you already know that it is constantly improving. A new APK update is now available to download, which brings the version number of the app to 4.4.2. Let’s take a look at the most recent patch notes and see what’s new.

Xender 4.4.2 Prime APK update is now available for downloading

First of all, remember that this an APK update, which means that it applies only to Android smartphones. As this type of updates are not normally released via the Google Play Store, you will need to manually download and install the latest update on your device. Before you do so, you just need to make sure that the “Unknown Sources” option from the Settings of your smartphone is enabled, otherwise you will not be able the install the APK.

What does the latest APK update bring?

Xender is a premium app, but even so, a few bugs still manage to pop up from time to time. The newest 4.4.24 update brings some bug fixes to the app, which are meant to improve the overall stability of Xender. It’s definitely a great thing to see that the developers of the app keep introducing bug fixes in every update that they release.

Another new thing that you will notice is that the connection speed has been improved. This is, in fact, the main thing that the most recent APK update is focusing on. Thanks to this upgraded speed, the app will have the capability to connect to phones much faster than before.

These are the latest changes brought to Xender, so now you can continue enjoying this popular app like you normally do.

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