Top Three Clash Royale Strategies for New Players

Despite being several years old, Clash Royale’s popularity hasn’t faded away and instead, the game has managed to top the charts ever since it was launched. The reason why Clash Royale keeps getting better every month is because the developers of the game are always working on new updates that introduce fresh content, feature and game-balancing changes.

Although, the constant stream of updates that Clash Royale benefits from is a double-edged sword because this makes the learning curve steep and in turn, it gets more difficult for new players to pick up the game. Here is where we come in because we have rounded the top three most essential tips and tricks that all Clash Royale players need to learn.

#1 Balanced Deck

As fun as it might sound to stack your deck with powerful damage dealers and go all out, this is not a wise idea. The best way to play Clash Royale is to create a balance deck that has everything. Make sure that when you are building a new deck to include splash damage units, long-distance weapons and tanks because they will prove to be quite useful.

#2 Pairing Units

The first step to becoming a great Clash Royale player is to learn how to pair units. Sending solo units doesn’t really work and pairing them will make it easier to defeat foes. For example, you can pair a giant who can tank with a balloon which needs protection at all times.

#3 Do Not Mute the Game

The biggest mistake that new players make is that they mute the game. While the audio effects of Clash Royale might sound nice, this is not why the game shouldn’t be muted. The reason why the audio needs to be enabled is because the game offers sound ques whenever a unit is getting destroyed or when it’s attacking something important.

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