Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Expected to Be $100 More Expensive Than Its Predecessor

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 was launched back in October 2018, so not that long ago. But this doesn’t stop the fans of this popular 2-in-1 device from wondering how the next Surface Pro will be like. Based on what we’ve seen so far online, users are demanding quite a lot from the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

The Surface Pro 7 is expected to be portable, dependable and easy to use. Taking a look at what the rumored specifications and price of this device are and comparing them to the current Microsoft Surface Pro 6 can definitely help those who haven’t decided yet to buy the later one.

What do we know so far about Surface Pro 7?

Based on the leaks that we’ve seen circulating on the internet, it is believed that the Surface Pro 7 will have almost the same design, size and weight as its predecessor. However, the new device is expected to have slimmer bezels and it will have a slightly higher height.

The anticipated 2-in-1 device might also allow users to write on both sides of its touch display, which apparently could be used even when it is closed.

As far as the processor is concerned, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is expected to come equipped with the latest one available. There is even a chance that we will see the device carrying the most powerful process ever, Intel’s Ice Lake, which is probably going to be released this year.

Should you wait for Microsoft Surface Pro 7?

The upcoming device is also believed to have the 9th generation i9 core, while Surface Pro 6 is carrying the 8th gen Intel Core processor. According to various sources, the price of Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is expected to be only $100 more than Microsoft Surface Pro 6, without taking into consideration the keyboard and the Surface Pen, of course.

For now there is no information about the possible release date of Surface Pro 7 and nothing official has been disclosed about its specifications or price. The starting price of the Surface Pro 6 is currently $899. Whether you want to wait for the next 2-in-1 device from Microsoft or not is totally up to you. Surface Pro 7 will probably offer a better performance and improved battery life, providing an overall faster experience for its users.

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