GTA 6: What Are Some of the Possible Locations

GTA 5 was definitely a great title that kept the community excited for a while, but given the fact that the game was released back in 2013, the fans are starting to grow impatient about GTA 6.

Players of this popular video game are becoming more and more curious about how the next title of the series will look like. We’ve seen plenty of rumors circulating on the internet lately, including a recent report suggesting that Rockstar Games is working on something that could be the much-awaited game.

Rumored locations of GTA 6

One of the biggest curiosities that fans currently have is regarding the location of GTA 6. We’ve seen some time ago a theory which suggested that the location of the next title could be London. We’ve even heard Dan Houser from Rockstar Games mentioning that using London as the place where the game will be set is an appealing idea. However, he also stated that this could have been a great idea back when the GTA was initially released. So we are not that sure after all whether London will be chosen as the location for GTA 6 or not.

Another thing that Houser mentioned in the past is that GTA actually means America, so having its location set somewhere on this land would be a more plausible idea.

The developers may decide to stick with LA as the location for the game or we might see Miami being chosen instead. However, all of these are just assumptions for now, so hopefully we will learn more about the location of GTA 6 in the near future.

Rockstar is working on something

Not long ago we’ve seen Rockstar Games posting some new job listings online, which clearly meant that the company is expanding their team. We learned back then that Rockstar is in need of some programmers that will create a next-gen game. Whether that was referring to GTA 6 or to a completely new project is not known yet. It remains to be seen.

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