Aptoide APK is Now Available for Download

Even though all Android fans download their favorite apps and games from the Google Play Store, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Google Play Store is the only source that they have access to. There are multiple Google Play Store alternatives and the one that stands out the most is called Aptoide. Just like the Google Play Store, Aptoide provides android fans with thousands of apps and games that they can download anytime they want.

What makes Aptoide stand out is the fact that this platform features apps and games that breach Google’s ToS (terms of service) policies. Therefore, some of the apps and games that Aptoide offers can only be found here. Nonetheless, the reason why we are talking about Aptoide today is because the store has received a new APK update.

Aptoide APK

Right off the bat, we need to note that this update doesn’t introduce any new features. Even though this might be disappointing to find out for some Android users, the new Aptoide makes up for the lack of features by introducing a handful of software tweaks and bug fixes.

Therefore, Aptoide users who want to make sure that the platform is running without any issues should make sure to download the new APK as soon as possible. In addition, the software tweaks brought by the new APK are helping the app perform faster than it usually does.

Blockchain-Based Apps

Since we are talking about Aptoide, we should mention that the platform offers more than 30,000 apps and games, and that some of them are blockchain-based. This is something that you can’t find on the Google Play Store. The blockchain-based apps make it possible for the developer to advertise their products for users while 85% of the profits from the advertisement goes to the users. Now, this is innovative!

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