A New Google Play Store Update Has Been Released

There is no better way to finish the week other than to receive a major update for one of your favorite services, right? With that said, Android fans should be pleased to know that Google has recently released a new update for the Google Play Store which changes the service’s version number to 13.8.16. On the downside of things, the Android parent has released the new update in the form of APK which means that all Android fans who are interested in getting all the software tweaks and bug fixes that it has to offer need to do it manually.

Android Package Kit

Before we get into the “goodies’ that this latest Google Play Store update introduces, we want to present readers with a few guidelines that will help them install APK updates. For those who are reading about APK updates the first time, then all that they need to know is that Google always releases its updates in this format. APK stands for “Android Package Kit” and all Android fans who want to install this type of updates are first required to enable the “Unknown Sources” option from their Settings panel.

Google Play Store 13.8.16 APK

Now that we covered what makes APK updates different from normal ones, let’s get to what really matters. The new update for Google Play Store sports the 13.8.16 version number it can be downloaded from Google’s own APK website or any other reliable APK provider.


The new update focuses on improving the overall performances and software stability of Google Play Store and it does this by adding a handful of new bug fixes and software tweaks. While some Android fans might be disappointed to find out that they won’t get any new features, they should know that bug fixes are always more important than new features.

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