Xbox Two: The Latest Rumors

During the E3 event that took place last year, we had the confirmation from Microsoft’s Phil Spencer that the tech giant is working on the next-gen console. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that we are going to see this device being launched anytime soon, as we may still be a few years away from that. If we keep our fingers crossed though, we could see the next console being released sometime in 2020.

The Xbox Two is going to be the fourth generation of consoles from Microsoft and not much is actually known about it at the present time. Most of what is currently known comes from Phil Spencer’s statement during the E3 2018. Spencer used the word “console” in plural, which could make us think that Microsoft has plans of releasing not only one next-gen console, but more.

What do we currently know about Xbox Two?

So what do we know so far about the Xbox Two, which has been codenamed “Scarlett”? Based on a recent report by Thurrott, we might see two different models arriving in 2020. In the opinion of Thurrrott author Brad Sams, Microsoft is planning on releasing two Xbox devices next year. The first one would be a standard console, similar to the Xbox One, on which all the newest games could be played. The second one is expected to be in fact a cheaper box, whose name might be “Scarlett Cloud” and which would actually be a streaming box.

Since many companies think that streaming is the future of gaming, it’s good to see that Microsoft believes the same.

When to expect the Xbox Two?

When it comes to the release date of Xbox Two, we still don’t know anything yet. In the past, we’ve seen consoles being released every six years. Since the Xbox One was launched back in 2013, its successor should be normally announced in 2019. But we’ve also seen the Xbox One X being released in 2017, which disrupted the release cycle, so nothing is certain about Xbox Two’s launch date. For now, we can only hope that we will see Microsoft’s next-gen console being announced in 2020 and more details about it are expected to be given during the E3 2019.

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