Google Play Services 15.1.78 Beta Available to Download

As you probably know by now, Google Play services is a tool that is being used to update the Google apps, as well as apps from Google Play. This component allows users to authenticate to their Google services, to access the most recent user privacy settings and to synchronize contacts.

Additionally, Google Play services also provides users with a more enhanced app experience. Users can enjoy faster offline searches and get access to more engaging maps. The gaming experience is also significantly improved thanks to this tool, as it is optimizing the RAM.

If you ever thought about uninstalling the Google Play services, keep in mind that the apps on your device might stop working properly.

New Google Play services APK ready to be downloaded

A new APK update is now available to be downloaded, Google Play services 15.1.78 beta, which will enhance your overall online experience whenever you will be using your device.

Just remember that the APK needs to be manually downloaded and installed on your device and make sure that the “Unknown Sources” option in the Settings is enabled on your smartphone or tablet.

What else you need to know about Google Play services

As we’ve mentioned before, Google Play Services is an essential Android app that ensures that all the apps on your device are always up-to-date. Because of this, it is quite an important app that you should always make sure it’s working properly. Google Play services is constantly checking all the apps that are already installed on your device in order to see if the latest available versions are present on your phone or tablet.

The app also allows you to use higher quality location-based services that are supposed to use less energy. Moreover, you can even find some menu options within Google Play Services that will let you manage the pre-installed apps on your device. Thanks to these options, you can even change your location settings or manage your Google Fit account.

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