Devil May Cry 5: Here’s Why It Is the Best Title in the Series So Far

According to what we’ve seen so far, Devil May Cry 5 could actually be the best installment of the series until now. We’ve gathered the best reasons why this could be the definitive Devil May Cry experience, so let’s take a look below.

Expect new scenarios

Three different protagonists are expected to be present in Devil May Cry 5: we will see Dante and Nero returning, together with a new character, named “V”. Their story will run in parallel, which means that on certain occasions you may fight alongside another hero or you might see them fighting with an enemy somewhere in the background.

Three heroes and unlimited possibilities in the upcoming game

The characters in the game are expected to get significant upgrades and new types of weapons, which will definitely make the fans extremely excited.

Just the same as before, one play-through will never be enough for players. This is because once a player has unlocked everything that is being offered by the game, they will still have a huge number of configurations to try.

Training mode returns in the next title

Everyone can probably agree that the training mode was an amazing addition to the game. Fortunately, the mode returns in Devil May Cry 5 in the upgraded form of the void.

Players will be able to enter a fully customizable arena, where they are allowed to use any unlocked weapons and set their own rules. This will help them get accustomed to the full set of weapons and see which configuration is the best for them.

Devil May Cry 5 introduces a new tool: Photo Mode

As every fan knows by now, playing the Devil May Cry is not only about winning, it’s also about you proving that you can fight with style.

The much-anticipated game brings a new feature, called Photo Mode, which allows you to immortalize your glorious moments in the game. You can now freeze the game anytime you wish and capture your spectacular actions.

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