Anthem: The Worst-Reviewed Game BioWare Had So Far

Anthem has just been released and it looks like it wasn’t received too well by BioWare’s fans and by reviewers. The game is now officially the worst-reviewed game that the developer ever had.

What is Anthem like?

The new online multiplayer game from BioWare takes players to a world that has been abandoned by the gods. Some intriguing items known as tools of creation have been left behind by these gods. There is one specific tool that is responsible for most of the things that exist in that world, called the Anthem of Creation. This mysterious tool is desired by an evil group, called the Dominion, who will do anything they can to have it in their possession. The players in Anthem become Freelancers who have all kinds of missions that are supposed to help them stop the Dominion.

Anthem is the worst-reviewed game that BioWare had until now

It’s not only the players who are not that excited about BioWare’s newest game, though. According to the score received on Metacritic, Anthem is the worst-reviewed game that the developer ever had. The title has received a total score of only 60. The main thing that most of the people complained about was the poor storytelling in the game. There were also some reviewers who criticized Anthem for the lack of content. Some other users simply mentioned that the game was mediocre or boring.

Where is BioWare headed?

If we take a look at the previous game released by the studio, Mass Effect: Andromeda, we will see that this title is the second worst-reviewed game for the developer. This means that BioWare basically failed to satisfy its audience two times in a row. Andromeda has a score of 72 on Metacritic.

What’s happening with the studio? Why does it keep going into the wrong direction? Could this be the end of the company? Fortunately, BioWare has yet another chance to prove something with the upcoming Dragon Age 4, so we’ll just keep our fingers crossed for when the much-anticipated title will be released.

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