Google Play Store – How to Wishlist Apps and How to Enable Content Filtering

The Google Play Store is a powerful platform that gives Android users access to thousands of useful apps and entertaining mobile games. Considering how important the Google Play Store is to the Android operating system, no one should be surprised to find out that Google is updating it on a regular basis with new features and bug fixes.

In fact, Google Play Store offers so many cool features that most Android users don’t even know about them all. Here is where we come in because we have rounded up the top two most essential Google Play Store tips and tricks that all Android fans need to learn.

How to Wishlist Apps and Games

As previously mentioned, there are thousands of apps and mobile games that Android fans can download from the Google Play Store. However, the best ones are the ones don’t come for free and we know that not everyone can spend $50 every day.

Therefore, we advise all Android fans to start using the wish list in order to see when the app or game goes on sales. Apps and games can be added in the wish list after tapping on the “+” banner which can be found at the top and then selecting the “Wishlist” option.

Enable Content Filtering for Children

If you have small children at home who play games on your smartphone, then you might want to consider enabling the content filtering option. We advise everyone to enable this option, especially if their kids are using smartphones on a regular basis.

Content filtering can be enabled by following the next steps: Access the Play Store Settings Panel – Select the “Content Filtering” Option – Now, simply pick the maturity level that you want. This is it! You will never have to worry about mature apps showing up on the Google Play Store again.

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