Jio Group Talk App Is Now Available To Download On Google Play Store

Jio is a well-known name in India, and it manages to deliver quality products. Recently Jio launched a new app on the Google Play Store. The app is called Jio Group Talk, and it lets users hold group calls, where up to ten persons can participate.

Nonetheless, not everyone can use the app, and you can download it only if you are a Jio user. At the moment iOS users can’t download the application, as it is only available for Android. The Jio Group Talk app is mostly created for voice conferences, although it should also bring support for video calling and chatting in the future. The app also supports HD voice calling.

Jio Group Talk app is finally available on Google Play Store – How to sign up to use it?

To use the Jio Group Talk app, you can sign in by using your Jio number. You will receive an OTP, and you need to enter it to verify your account. Once the registration process is completed, you will be able to access all the voice group call features. However, you need to make sure that your Jio SIM is active, as the app won’t work if the calling and SMS facility is not turned on.

Conference calls can also be scheduled. It is possible to add participants one by one, but you can also add all the participants at the same time. If you are the caller, it will be possible to mute, reconnect, add or remove other participants. There is also a lecture mode. Once you turn it on, only one person can talk, while the others will have to listen.

At the moment the Jio Group Talk app on Google Play Store is in the beta trial phase, so more features should come in the future.

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