Facebook Lite Beta APK is Now Available

If you are enlisted in the beta program for Facebook Lite, then we have some amazing news for you today. The lightweight version of Facebook has just received a brand-new update that comes with lots of improvements and today we are going to present everything there is to know about it. With that being said, let’s get into it.

Facebook Lite Beta APK

The latest update for Facebook Lite changes the social media platform’s version number to beta. As we can clearly see in the version number of this update, this is a beta release. Therefore, the only Facebook Lite users who can get their hands on it are those who are enrolled in the beta program.

On the bright side of things, enlisting in Facebook Lite’s beta program is not complicated at all and it takes less than five minutes. To make things even better, the only thing that beta users need to do in exchange for receiving access to all the latest features and software tweaks is to provide the developers with solid feedback if any issues pop up.

How to Install APK Updates

Now that we covered the version number of the update, we are going to provide Facebook Lite users with a couple of tips on how to install APK updates. The trick to install this type of updates is that it can only be done on Android powered smartphones that have the “Unknown Sources” option enabled. In addition, the option can be found in the Settings panel of all Android powered smartphones.

Improved Software Stability

The reason why Facebook Lite is a highly popular app is because it offers the same features as the original version of Facebook while taking up much less internal storage space. This is all thanks to software compression and optimization which is getting much better after downloading the new APK because it introduces a handful of software tweaks.

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