Next-Gen Xbox Might Be Unveiled at E3 2019

Guess who’s going to get everyone’s attention at E3? Microsoft, since Sony is not going to participate at all. So it makes sense that Microsoft would want to announce the next generation of Xbox console.

According to a report spotted by Slash Gear on the French site JeuxVideo, the leaked specs we saw at the beginning of the year on the different versions of the next generations of Xbox were indeed accurate.

This year’s E3 could come with the announcement of two Xbox consoles, codenamed Lockhart and Anaconda. It’s been a while since we found out that Microsoft is working on two consoles that were said to be the successors of Xbox One and Xbox One X.

Lockhart and Anaconda to Be Released in Late 2020?

As for the release date, Slash Gear’s Eric Abent argues that we might see the two next-gen Xbox consoles at about a year and a half after being revealed, which means they should be available in late 2020, just in time for Christmas!

Here are the leaked specs for Lockhart and Anaconda:

LOCKHART: CPU: Custom 8 cores – 16 zen threads 2, GPU: Custom NAVI, 4+ Teraflops, 12 GB with GDDR6 memory, SSD 1TB NVMe, 1+ GB/s

ANACONDA: CPU: Custom 8 cores – 16 zen threads 2, GPU: Custom NAVI, 12+ Teraflops, 16 GB RAM with GDDR6 memory, SSD 1TB NVMe, 1 + GB/s

The French site didn’t know yet the prices for Lockhart but said that we should expect Anaconda to be in the price range of nearly $500 – which is almost the same price as the Xbox One X. The report also states that Halo Infinite will come as the launch title for the two consoles, but will also be available on the current Xbox One and Xbox One X.

If Microsoft will announce the two new Xbox consoles, will Sony respond immediately after that in an event of their own? Considering the two consoles are said to launch almost during the same time, it would make sense. We only have to wait a few more months and see what Sony or Microsoft have in store for us!

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