Best 5 UC Browser Alternatives Available to Download

UC Browser was developed in China, and it is a mobile internet browser which’s design offers a lot of the best features you would usually find in a desktop internet browser, but all into one browser that suits your phone. However, you might want something even better than this, so we provide you with the five best alternatives to UC Browser.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is an excellent UC Browser alternative because it does not only block trackers, but it blocks ads too. This happens by default so you will be able to browse both safer and faster. If you want you can add ad blocking extensions to the browser you have right now, but it is not that easy, and they often conflict with one another because they are not tested by browser companies.


If you opt for the Brave software, you will have the possibility to avoid receiving ads while browsing, as these might waste your money and time and even violate your privacy. Nowadays a significant problem we face every day is the ads we receive because greedy marketers want to track the online activities of people and insert sites and cookies in their browsers.

CM Browser

CM Browser is powered by the best antivirus engine which means that it warns you in case you end up on a malicious website and it also protects you against phishing attacks.

Boat Browser

This Mobile Browser is cool, fast and smart so you will enjoy a Premium web experience. You can customize it the way you want and install the add-ons you wish to make it even more powerful!

ONE Browser

It seems so quaint for you to use a single site as your browser homepage, but you can do this using ONE Browser.

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