The Elder Scrolls 6 Could Be Named RedFall But There’s a Trademark Dispute

With all the rumors, suppositions and nothing official from Bethesda except for a very short video teased at E3 2018, The Elder Scrolls VI is still a mystery. We know it’s being worked on, but nothing else. Of course, you can check out the dozens of rumors and possible storylines HERE, but today you might want to read this article.

Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax Media was trying to file a trademark for the word “Redfall,” but the sci-fi author Jay Falconer is disputing this trademark, considering he used the name in his book series – Redfall.

He stated that he and his lawyers tried to make a deal with the company, but so far have been ignored:

My lawyers made attempts to contact gaming company to work out a simple licensing deal for them to use my Redfall name.

However, the company didn’t respond to his lawyers:

They ignored me every time. Shame. Left me no choice. All could have been avoided. Just call my attorneys back.

ZeniMax might not be able to use this name, and the matter will take months and even a year to be settled. The company seems unwilling to let go of “Redfall,” which can only mean that they have planned something big to use it for.

The Elder Scrolls VI: Redfall?

Den of Geek’s Matthew Byrd argues that companies do trademark names in case they want to use it in the future, and ZeniMax surely has something in mind with this name. He added that many people suspect this could be the title for The Elder Scrolls VI, even though it’s not a name of a region in the games:

Arena wasn’t named after a specific region and Oblivion was based on another dimension in the game. It’s not unreasonable to suggest the next Elder Scrolls could be called Redfall and somehow be based on the Redguards.

Ultimately, Redfall could also be used in The Elder Scrolls: Legends, The Elders Scrolls Online and The Elder Scrolls: Blades.

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