Pokemon Go March Community Day: What Should We Expect?

Although Niantic has released a lot of events and Pokemons for us to catch these last years of February, we cannot stop wondering what will the March Community Day bring. Of course, with the February Community Day finishing last week, it’s obvious we’re looking for anything that would tell us all about the next Pokemon in the March event.

As Dexerto’s Paul Cotton puts it, Niantic’s pattern of alternating starter and non-starter Pokemon in Community Day events should tell us that March will feature a starter Pokemon from Gen 3.

Will We Get to See Treecko in the Wild?

So far, the favorite Pokemon here is Treecko, which is a Gen 3 grass-type Pokemon.

While there are other gen 3 starters like Mudkip or Torchic, Treecko is more likely to be featured in the next Community Day event, according to Cotton’s theory, Niantic “have had the grass-type starter of each generation headline first. He adds that “the grass-types appear in the Pokedex before,” and that Torchic and Mudkip will surely show up in the next months.

Nonetheless, Niantic might change their strategy to keep players curious and stop us all from coming up with theories based on recent patterns.

So, instead of the Gen 3 Pokemon, we might get a Gen 4 starter – Turtwig, for example.

Community Day Bonuses, and More

Usually, each Community Day event comes with bonuses like three-hour long lures during the event, bonus XP and Stardust, and the reduction of egg hatching we all love!

As for the March Community Day Event Date, the recent events took place in the second weekend of the month, which means we might see it on 9 March, but 16 March is also a possible date.

Until then, get ready to catch Latias in this weekend’s Raid Battle or Palkia in Raid Battles until 28 February. You will also find Clamperl in the Limited Research event this weekend, and meanwhile, you might even stumble upon the Shiny Meltan from a Mystery box!

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