Minecraft – Here’s How to Beat Your Survival Mode Record

Despite being nearly one decade old, Minecraft is still one of the world’s most popular games. Mojang reported that Minecraft had 91 million active players in the summer of 2018 which is super impressive. The reason why Minecraft’s popularity hasn’t faded away and why the game has managed to stand the test of time is because how fun it is to play. The developers of Minecraft focused on creating a fun gameplay experience and the Survival Mode is the perfect example of that.

Talking about the Survival Mode in Minecraft, we have checked the most popular forums for the game and rounded up the top five tips and tricks that all Minecraft players need to learn if they want to survive for longer times. With that said, let’s get into it.

How to Survive for Longer Than Usual

  • Make it your top priority to upgrade to Protection IV Diamond armor as soon as possible. This is the best armor that you can get and it will keep you safe from monsters of the night.
  • Always carry a bucket of water with you. Even though you might not like doing this because the bucket will take up space in the inventory, the bucket of water will prove to be quite useful if you fall into lava.
  • Another item that you should always carry with you is an anvil. This item can be used to restore the durability of your weapons, tools and weapons.
  • Stay away from caves, ravines or mineshafts. Even though these places are the best when it comes to finding rare resources, it’s really easy to get into accidents while digging through them such as having a creeper falling on you from high above.
  • If you ever find yourself fighting the Enderman, make sure to never look at his face. Just point the camera at his feet and you will not be teleported away.

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