GBWhatsapp – How to Hide Online Status and View Status

GBWhatsapp is a powerful mod that gives users access to a plethora of features that the original version of WhatsApp doesn’t have to offer. What’s great about GBWhatsapp is the fact that the mod is constantly receiving updates which introduce new features. Nonetheless, today we want to present readers with a short guide that will teach them how to hide their “last seen online” status and also hide their “view status”. This is a cool trick to know because it will make it impossible for your contacts list to find out whenever you go online. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

How to Hide Online Status

If you have someone in your contacts list that you have been avoiding and don’t want to talk to, then you should be happy to know that you can simply hide your “last seen online” status. We should note that you will still be able to send or receives messages without any issues and that the status won’t change.

The first thing that all GBWhatsapp users who wish to hide their “last seen online” status need to do is to open the chat tab, tap on the three-dot menu which will access the settings menu, tap on the privacy option and then simply tap again on the “Hide Online Status” option.

How to View Status

We are going to show you one more useful trick before we sign off. This trick will make it possible for all GBWhatsapp users to view the statuses of other people without appearing in the list of people who viewed the status. This can be done by following the next steps: tap on the three-dot menu, access the Privacy option and then tap on the “Hide View Status” option. It’s that simple!

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