Upcoming iOS 12 Jailbreak Exploit Uses Siri

Jailbreak solutions appeared soon after the release of the first iPhone. While the fans of the device loved the user experience, some of them were against the strict rules imposed by Apple on the OS, arguing that they are unable to use the full potential of the device for which they paid a considerable amount of money. By using jailbreak solutions, users can free iOS from Apple’s ‘’chains,’’ and they gain the freedom to install a variety of tweaks and apps that aren’t available otherwise.  As expected, the Cupertino giant has been against the procedure from day one, warning users that a jailbroken device will have its warranty revoked if Apple technicians can identify that the OS has been altered. This means that if the jailbreak procedure goes wrong, the device may become useless since Apple won’t repair it.

In the recent year, those that wish to jailbreak their device will often have to use an outdated version of iOS as Apple continues to improve the security of the OS with each major version that is released. iOS 12 seems to a hard nut to crack since several months have passed since it was released, but a wide-spread jailbreak solution is not available.

Back in January, a well-known jailbreak developer released an incomplete targeted towards fellow developers. The OsirisJailbreak12 was compatible with devices that run iOS 12 up to 12.1.2 While the tool was able to effectively jailbreak the device it didn’t install Cydia or other popular repositories.  The source code became publicly available, and other developers picked up the tool and continued to work on it to release a stable jailbreak for everyone.

A video published on the popular Reddit platform showcases how a user has managed to install Siri on an iPhone that runs the Unc0ver jailbreak, which is based on OsirisJailbreak12.

The video shows promising results but the jailbreak solution is still in the early stages of development, and further work is needed before it will become available.

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