Google Play Store for Android TV Gets a Brand-new 13.3.17 APK Update

Remember the days when you had to sit through fifteen-minute commercials in order to see your favorite TV shows? This ended ever since smart TVs arrived because they give people access to apps such as Netflix and HBO Go which provide users with thousands of entertaining movies and TV shows that they can watch whenever they want. This is all thanks to the Google Play Store which makes sure that video streaming apps are available for download on all smart TVs and that they are being kept updated with all the latest bug fixes and software tweaks.

Google Play Store for Android TV 13.3.17 APK

People who use smart TVs should be happy to know that the Android parent has recently released a brand-new update for the Google Play Store. This update changes the version number of Google Play Store for Android TV to 13.3.17 and it comes with a handful of software improvements that make the service run faster than ever. Not just that, but the new update is also packed with bug fixes that take care of known issues which could cause the Google Play Store for Android TV to malfunction in some case.

High Priority Update

Considering that the new update is packed with so many essential software tweaks and bug fixes, we advise all Android smart TV users to download it as soon as possible. Since this is an APK (android package kit) update that we are talking about, Android smart TV users are required to manually download and install the update.

However, Android smart TV users who don’t want to complicate themselves by manually download and install the new update can also wait for Google to release it OTA (over the air). Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact date when this will happen.

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