Elder Scrolls Online: Wrathstone – When Is It Going to Be Released?

The latest piece of DLC, The Elder Scrolls Online: Wrathstone, is going to be released on both PC and Mac on the 25th of February and for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on the 12th of March.

Elder Scrolls Online: what will players need to do?

Players of Elder Scrolls Online are going to work together to find both halves of the Wrathstone tablet and, at the same time, they will explore two new dungeons of 4 players, that are called Depths of Malatar and Frostvault. The first one will come with sunken Ayleid ruins, where players will have to find out the fate of the lost Imperial ally. Frostvault will make players go through the glacial rifts while finding their way towards an ancient Dwarven vault. Both of the dungeons will come with rewards for destroying monsters and bosses, like new collectibles and items sets. Wrathstone shows the beginning of the Season of the Dragon, that’s a journey that will take one year, and that will introduce the next chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr, that will happen throughout 2019.

Wrathstone will come as a free content add-on for ESO Plus members. You can also buy it with crowns from the Crown Store. You can also start to look forward to Update 21, which is a patch that comes with various fixes and changes, and, also, Battleground and PvP rewards.

The new Zone Guide System and the Guild Trader UI update will also come with this patch.

If you are among those who didn’t start to play Elder Scrolls Online, then you might need to start as soon as possible, especially because this new content that’s coming out is amazing.

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