Minecraft Pocket Edition Comes with New Accomplishments

The mobile versions of Minecraft’s most profitable year was 2018, based on information provided by a report coming from Sensor Tower. This has never happened before.

$110 million has Minecraft pulled on the Google Play store and on the App Store both through in-app purchases and through the purchase price of the app. Compared to 2017, it is a better growth with 7% as two years ago the mobile version of the game brought back to its developers $103 million in revenue.

US players are the big spenders for Minecraft, the statement being proved by the fact that 48% of the total revenue was generated by them. Taking into consideration how popular Minecraft is on all platforms, especially with young US consumers, it is not surprising at all. Sensor Tower estimated that in 2018’s first quarter alone the mobile game generated about $30 million worldwide.

Some countries spent more than others in Minecraft which makes Great Britan a runner up for 6.6% or $7.3 million in revenue and then Japan for (5% or $5.5 million in revenue).

Since Minecraft has been released five years ago on mobile devices, according to Sensor Tower, it has grossed almost half a billion dollars worldwide.

The popularity of the sandbox game is not low on other platforms either. It has a lot of fans on Xbox One and PC as well. Microsoft has also pulled last October support for the game for Apple TV/ The reason why the company has done that was that resources needed to be reallocated, so more support is provided for platforms most popular with the players of Minecraft.

According to Interpret, a market research firm, in 2018 the game, even though now is still, clearly, going strong, experience its first decline among players ages 6 to 12 based on their playtime.

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