Google Play Store Gets a Brand-New APK Update (13.6.20 Version)

If you are a fan of Android powered smartphones, then you know that Google loves nothing more other than to update its most important apps and features every week. The Android operating system offers a premium user experience that is unparalleled and it’s all thanks to the constant stream of updates that Google keeps releasing. With that said, no one should be shocked to find out that the Google Play Store has received a new update. In case you didn’t know about this, then you don’t need to worry about it since we are going to present everything.

Google Play Store 13.6.20 APK

Android fans should be happy to know that the Google Play Store has just been updated to the 13.6.20 version number. The new update was rolled out last week and it comes with lots of software improvements which guarantee that the Google Play Store doesn’t randomly crash whenever users are downloading a new app or game on their smartphones.

Vital Android Feature

We think it’s safe to say that the Google Play Store is one of the most vital features that the Android operating system has to offer. Obviously, everyone uses the Google Play Store in order to download games and apps on their smartphones but there’s more to Google Play Store than this. This feature is also used to automatically update essential party apps such as Google Maps for example and therefore, we advise all Android fans to head over to Google’s APK website and get the latest 13.6.20 APK update as soon as possible.

Manually Download the Update

All APK updates are designed for eager Android users who want to get their hands on the latest tweaks and bug fixes ahead of everyone else and therefore, they need to be manually downloaded. However, Android fans who don’t want to do that can simply wait for Google to release them OTA (over the air) in the upcoming future.

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