Brawl Stars Tips: Learn How To Defeat The Insane Boss

Brawl Stars is a relatively new game, but it is incredibly addictive and it has a growing fanbase. Nonetheless, the game is quite challenging at times. For instance, many players find it difficult to defeat the boss.

That is why we have decided to provide a simple guide that should make things easier for you. Once you get 300 trophies, you and two of your teammates will have to defeat a huge robot. Every time you kill it, the robot gets stronger, which means that the next fight will be even harder.

Increasingly difficult

The boss fights become harder and harder. There are multiple stages for the robot. The first one is normal, then it goes to hard, expert, master, and in the end, insane. Each new stage unlocks new abilities, and the final stage is the most difficult, as the giant robot has all the abilities unlocked.

Your team

Your team choices are the most important. Pam shouldn’t miss from your team because you will need one healing character. The robot will inflict a lot of damage, and you need to make sure that the characters will regain their health. Pam’s main priority is healing others, then dealing with small robots, and finally dealing damage to the boss.

Now you will also need a character that is quite mobile. Colt and Leon are the best options here. They move quite fast and they will be able to dodge the boss’s attacks. This character should focus on clearing out small robots. Finally, you will need a character that will focus on the boss. The character needs to inflict a lot of damage. We recommend you to choose Barely or Bull, as they are both good choices.

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