Apple’s 2019 iPhone Lineup: Bilateral Wireless Charging and Face ID Among Features

Analyst Ming-Chio Kuo has recently talked about the new features of Apple’s 2019 iPhone lineup. As a first thing, the form will be quite the same as Apple’s 2018 iPhone models, with 6.1 inch iPhone XR, 5.8 inch iPhone XS and 6.5 inch iPhone XS Max. There have been some rumors that the iPhone XR successor might come together with an OLED screen. However, Kuo kept saying that this info is not true, and that it will come with an LCD display. We believe that, at some point in the future, Apple will transition all of its devices to OLED, but that’s certainly not happening in 2019.

Larger battery means longer battery life, right?

He stated that the 2019 iPhone models would come with frosted glass casing, much larger batteries, Face ID and bilateral wireless charging. We believe that the larger batteries mean a longer battery life, but it’s not written in stone. We are very curious about the bilateral wireless charging, which basically means that the device will be able to charge other devices. Also, according to some rumors, we’ve heard that the new devices might come with USB-C. However, that’s not true. According to Kuo, the devices will come with the lightning connector.

Then, Kuo added that Apple’s new iPhones would also come with Ultra-Wide Band (UWB), that’s meant to make your life easier when it comes to indoor positioning and navigation.

It’s not a secret anymore; the devices will come with a triple-lens camera system.

The current sales are very good. However, we all know that the demand didn’t really match Apple’s projects. iPhone XR was supposed to come with a lot of upgrades, but we have not seen that. this happened due to the Apple’s battery thing, that led to the battery replacement program, which became a huge deal – more than they imagined, anyway.

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