Google Play Store 13.6.20 APK – A Valentine’s Day Gift from Google

The Google Play Store is one of the most famous features that Google’s Android operating system has to offer. Therefore, no one should be shocked to find out that Google is always “cooking up” new updates for the feature. The Google Play Store is the place where all Android fans go to whenever they want to download a new app or game and Google doesn’t want to take the risk of it randomly shutting down. Here is where regular APK updates come in and save the day with their bug fixes and software tweaks. With that said, today we are going to check out the latest update for the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store 13.6.20 APK

The latest update for the Google Play Store was released on February 14th as a Valentine’s Day gift from Google to all its fans. The update sports the 13.6.20 version number and it can be downloaded in the form of APK. What makes this update special and worth our attention is the fact that instead of introducing new features or UI (user interface) changes, the update focuses on improving the Google Play Store’s overall software stability through bug fixes.

Improved System Stability

As previously mentioned, the Google Play Store is used to download apps and games. However, there’s more to the Google Play Store than that. The Google Play Store is also used to automatically update native and third party apps and this is why you wouldn’t ever want it to randomly crash or shut down.

Luckily, the new 13.6.20 APK makes sure that this doesn’t happen by adding a handful of bug fixes. The catch here is that since the new 13.6.20 update comes in the form of APK, all Android fans are required to manually download and install them.

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