The Sims 5: EA Gives Us a Hint About When to Expect the Game

From the moment when it was launched back in 2014 until the present time, the Sims 4 has managed to gather $1 billion. Based on a new report, we know now that the next title of the Sims could arrive even later than fans previously predicted.

According to a recent financial report by Electronic Arts, it’s been suggested that the company will probably not release the game in the near future, as the current version of the popular Sims game is still bringing profit.

When should we expect the following Sims title?

The recent news indicates that EA will most likely not release the next game until the Sims 4 will stop making money for the developer. Sadly, this would mean that the fifth title of the series could be launched even later than 2020. This is obviously pretty bad news for the Sims fans, as they have been impatiently waiting for some good news about the release date of the Sims 5.

Additionally, millions of unique players have joined the Sims community only last year, which only shows how popular this game has managed to become.

EA will release more content for the Sims 4 in the future

The company is also planning to release more content for the current title in the not-so-distant future. This will probably happen until around 2020, which means that the release date of the Sims 5 will be clearly delayed. Until when exactly, we don’t know at the moment.

The recent news could bring some disappointment amongst the fans, who were hoping to finally hear some news about when the next title of the Sims will be launched. Unfortunately, for now we’ll just have to accept the news and see what happens next.

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