Windows 10 Update Version 17763.316 – How This Update will Fix all of Your Problems

Windows 10 comes with a new update for us, and it wears the version 17763.316. We’ve written this article to give you an idea of what this update means.

So what’s new?

This update is meant to fix all of your problems with regards to authentication. It also comes with solutions Windows Hello for Business, and it will now allow you to bypass the Lock screen when you are using HoloLens.

Version 1809

It’s also known as the KB4487044 version. If you already have on your PC the Windows version 1809, then all of your problems will be solved by this update. All of the issues with the Hello for Business Hybrid Key Trust will get lost. You will also be able to bypass the sign-in process on the lock screen when it comes to HoloLens. It comes, as well, with prevention of the problems that you get when you use Microsoft Jet Database, with the file format of Microsoft Access 97.

And, of course, we cannot forget about the security updates for Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Jet Database, Internet Explorer and, actually, pretty much everything that comes with Windows 10.

Version 1803

For the version 1803, this update comes with solutions for these next problems:

It prevents Microsoft Edge from connecting by using the IP address. It also adds support for the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS). In some cases, it might even prevent apps that use the Microsoft Jet Database with the file format Microsoft Access 97.

You will now be able to set the LMCompatability Level values in the correct way. Let’s not forget about the security updates for Internet Explorer, Windows Graphics, Microsoft Edge and, actually pretty much everything that comes with Windows 10.

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