The Clash Royale January 2019 Brings New Content

Clash Royale was released back in 2016 but the game has managed to gain a strong fan base. The mixture of collectible card games, tower defense and intense multiplayer action made it a hit that is here to stay. Supercell has released a large number of great updates that added a variety of new and interesting features.

The latest update comes with a huge pack of additions, including a new card, a new arena and interesting game modes. A few balance tweaks are also present and they have the potential to shake the meta a little.

A fresh card

The latest card arrives in the form of the Wall Breaker, well-known to those that also play Clash of Clans. The card features two skeleton minions that carry a barrel filled with dynamite. While the exact role of the card has remained a secret it is likely that it will be featured in the latest arena.

A spooky arena

The Spooky Town joins the generous list of arenas, offering a fresh playground for veteran players. The trophy system has been adjusted in order take into account the new arena. Those that wish to unlock the new arena will have to gather a minimum number of 3600 trophies. Reaching the landmark will unlock a selection of new cards. Those that manage to reach 4000 trophies will enjoy a higher number of rewards in the form of extra cards and gold.

New game modes

The update celebrates the Chinese New Year with the release of two special modes. Year of the Hog will spawn free Royal Hogs for both players, adding a bit of spice to the challenge while Mini Collection asks players to create a deck by choosing from a pool of 40 cards. More game modes should arrive later in February.

The recent balance update has changed the milestones for unlocking certain cards. A table that depicts the milestones for each arena and specific unlocks can be consulted on the official website.

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