Pokémon Go: An Important Update Is Coming Soon to Trainer Battles

We’ve just had an official announcement that a major update is coming to Trainer Battles in Pokémon Go. The new update for the PvP mode will allow some specific moves to trigger stat boosts. Players can now expect the attack and defense stats to be increased.

What will the new update bring to the game?

Even though the report mentions attack and defense, we believe that there will actually be a certain move that will cause either the attack or defense of the Pokémon to rise. It’s important to note that the stat changes will apply just to the Pokémon that is using the move. So if something happens to that particular Pokémon, such as him fainting or being removed from the battle, then the stats will go back to their original numbers.

Which moves will cause a stat boost?

Until now, we had the confirmation that these specific moves will be able to cause a stat boost:

  • Silver Wind
  • Ominous Wind
  • Ancient Power

When to expect the update?

This new major update will be released during the Pokémon Go Community Day, which takes place this Saturday, on the 16th of February. We don’t know yet if the update is going to take place during the three-hour window of the event or at a different time during the day. We’ll need to wait for some confirmation on this.

The featured Pokémon for the February Community Day is Swinub. The final evolved version of the Pokémon is Mamoswine. Also, note that the Ancient Power move, which is going to be one of the moves that will cause stat boosts, is the only one that can be used for the mammoth Gen 4 Pokémon, Mamoswine.

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