Google Play Store 13.6.20 APK Arrived on Valentine’s Day

The great thing about using an Android powered smartphone is the fact that you are always the first in line to getting Google’s latest operating system updates. The Android parent is renowned for being a perfectionist when it comes to native Android apps and Google makes sure to update them with new software tweaks and bug fixes every other week. In fact, the Google Play Store has just received a brand-new APK update and today we are going to present everything there is to know about it.

Google Play Store 13.6.20 APK

The new update for the Google Play Store sports the 13.6.20 version number and it was released yesterday as a Valentine’s Day gift from Google to its fans. However, this is not a normal update that is being rolled out over the air. This is an APK update and all interested Android users who want to get the new software tweaks and bug fixes that this update brings needs to do it manually.

How to Install APK Updates

First off, we need to mention that APK is an acronym for “Android Package Kit”. This is the update format that Google always releases its new updates in and therefore, learning how to install them on Android powered smartphones is quite important.

Even though having to manually download and install updates on a smartphone might be annoying, on the bright side of things it’s rather simple. All that Android users need to do is to head over to Google’s official APK website and then download the latest version of Google Play Store on their smartphone.

After doing this, Android users are required to access their smartphone’s “Settings” panel and enable the “Unknown Sources” option. All that is left now is to tap on the recently downloaded Google Play Store APK file.

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