WhatsApp for Android Gets a New Update with Useful Features

The popular app for messaging, WhatsApp is getting a new update that will bring some new useful changes. Users can expect to see a new redesigned user interface for the chat settings, as well as an option to use two-step verification for enhanced security on the Android devices. We’ve seen quite a few updates being brought to the app lately, with the latest one being made to iOS devices, so let’s take a look at what’s new in this Android update.

The Settings Menu is being redesigned

Owners of Android phones who use WhatsApp on a constant basis will soon see some changes in the design of the Settings Menu. The most recent version of this update is 2.19.45 and can be accessed through the Google Play Beta Program. You should expect to see a revamped layout, which will look quite different than the one that the app has at the moment. The new changes are meant to help users navigate with much more ease around the Settings Menu. Users will now be able to see more details under each option from the menu, so they should have an easier time finding what they are looking for.

WhatsApp Android users will have the option to use two-step authentication

Another feature that WhatsApp is bringing to its Android users is a new two-step authentication option, whose purpose is to make users feel safer when using the app.

The Data and Storage option is also getting updated

The Data and Storage option is being revamped as well, as users will now be able to see the amount of received and sent data. The Network Usage option’s layout will also be redesigned and users can expect to see a new icon for calls, messages and media.

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